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Fellow Texan,


Washington D.C. is not the only place where the establishment resides. Right here in the Tarrant County GOP, there are dozens of delegates. precinct chairs, and elected officials that work overtime to keep incumbents in power and squelch outsiders, often labeling them as "alt-right" and "far-right." Conservative grassroots activists refer to those folks as "RINOs" or "Republicans in name only." 

In December 2021, I filed to run against a ruthless 5-term incumbent in the Republican Primary. It was the most highly watched Texas House race. Our campaign made it into the runoff, partly because I knocked on over 12,000 doors, placed nearly 1,000 yard signs, and worked like our future depended on it. We ultimately lost due to an onslaught of last-minute, out-of-context mailers and deceptive advertisements, which scared away our support. My opponent and the establishment spent over $2 million dollars to protect an incumbent, resulting in the most expensive Texas House primary race in history. 


I had no idea how far the establishment would be willing to go to protect their club. Some of the advertisements even accused me, as a former law enforcement officer of criminal conduct with zero evidence.  These vile attacks only strengthened my hatred toward corrupt politicians. Don't kid yourself, we are at war to protect the greatest state and greatest country ever. It doesn't matter if they're a Republican, Democrat, Veteran, Nurse, or Cop, we must hold them accountable. If you want to join the fight, please let me know.



David Lowe

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