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David has been a conservative activist for many years, supporting numerous causes through policy research, monetary donations, and other activities. Most candidates simply provide a cookie-cutter platform, but David Lowe is very passionate about the issues below. If you would like to know where David stands on an issue that is not listed, please reach out. 


 1. Election Integrity:​

  • Our elections are one of the most vital rights guaranteed to all legal American citizens by our Constitution and they must be protected. With decades of elections seeing occurrences of illegal voting, invalid votes are being counted. It is imperative that we finally bring this issue to a halt. Every illegal, fraudulent, and invalid vote stopped not only ensures the security of our elections, it also makes every legal vote, your vote, more powerful.

 2. Term Limits:

  • There are many great citizens that would benefit our state with worthy legislation that property represents their Texan constituents. However, donor money from PACs and Corporations makes it nearly impossible for those great citizens to defeat incumbents, or "sell out" politicians. Term limits should be implemented through a constitutional amendment. 

 3. School Choice and Accountability:

  • While the amount of funding for Texas public schools continues to rise, the promised results have yet to come to fruition. Our students are suffering as results continue to fall. Each student is an individual with specific needs and talents and they deserve an education that benefits each and every one of them uniquely. That is why it is time to create an educational environment in Texas, where parents, not the government, control the education of our children.

 4. Freeze Annual Property Tax Reappraisals

  • As property taxes consistently rise, the more difficult is it to become, or even remain a homeowner. While the rise in property taxes is incremental, it continues to be the most oppressive tax in our state. To provide immediate tax relief, there must be a ban on the unfair, annual appraisal system. Instead of a property tax appraisal increase occurring annually, it should occur decennially (every 10 years).

 5. Abolish Abortion:

  • Abortion is the killing of an unborn child. If one is to value the life of an unborn child, then one would support equality for the unborn child, just like any other living human being. The 14th Amendment's "Equal Protection Clause" states that all persons should be treated equally under the law. This should be extended to include the life of an unborn. The same laws that protect you, should also protect the unborn. David Lowe was the first candidate to ever be endorsed by Abolish Abortion Texas PAC, and the first candidate to ever run while making the abolition of abortion a key issue.

 6. Equal-Shared Parenting:

  • Too often, parents and children are held hostage in litigation limbo within the family court system. When that occurs, it makes it possible for the family courts and child custody procedures to become more of a lucrative industry rather than a positive solution. The current systems were put in place with a promise to put children first, but more often than not, children come last and fathers are at a disadvantage. It's time to reform the system and finally put the children first.

 7. Border Protection:

  • When it comes to border security, the federal government has failed. While securing and protecting American borders is actually within the realm of the federal government's responsibilities, decade after decade, they have neglected to resolve Texas' border security issues. It is up to Texans to take charge and once and for all, secure the Texas border.

 8. Ending benefits for illegal immigrants

  • Undocumented, illegal immigrants should not be allowed to unfairly benefit from the resources Texans provide. Furthermore, taxpayers don't deserve the burden to be forced to pay the way for those who don't deserve to be within the legal borders. There needs to be an immediate end to allowing illegal immigrants access to those resources, including in-state college tuition rates, access to publically funded education systems, and everything except, emergency medical care. Texas must remove the incentives for illegal immigrants to reside in Texas. 

 9. Prosecutorial Reform

  • One type of reformation within the criminal just system that often finds itself in the limelight is police officers and deputies. However, that is not the only area within the criminal justice system that needs to be reformed. Time and time again, some prosecutors within the system abuse their power. It is time to put a stop to it and reform how sentencing negotiation is utilized. It's not a game, it's people's lives. 

 10. Repeat Sex Offenders

  • Too many sex offenders are released back into the public long before they should be, making Texas cities and communities unsafe and restless. With the right legislation, reform can take place and keep sex offenders off the streets, and communities at ease and potentially save more future victims. Specifically, child molesters cannot be reformed, therefore, any sexual contact with a minor should result in a lifelong sentence. 

 11 Ban Vaccine Mandates

  • Neither the government nor any businesses have the right to force individuals to take a vaccine. Additionally, there should never be provided incentives or advantages to those who make medical-related decisions. It's discriminatory and unconstitutional.  

12. Reform the Texas Juvenile Justice Dept

  • After David witnessed firsthand how inhumane the juvenile justice system is, and how poorly it operates, it has become apparent that TJJD needs to be reformed. Juveniles in the system deserve an opportunity to better themselves and to receive rehabilitation. Those, the odds of juvenile recidivism are much higher. The juvenile justice system needs to be reformed and children need to be saved. 

 13. Eliminate STAAR Test

  • The STAAR test has failed miserably in practice and should be removed. A majority of educators, parents, and students agree. Education in Texas is centralized around generic testing instead of individualized learning paths.  The STAAR test currently costs taxpayers over $90,000,000 annually.

 14. Ban Child Biological Sex Transition

  • Surgically changing one's sex from female to male or vice versa is not a decision that a child should be able to make, nor should a parent make for a minor child. That is a decision that, if allowed to be made, should be made by the individual as an adult, who can fully comprehend the last effects on their decision.

 15. Stop Red Flag Laws and Support our 2A rights

  • Legal gun owners in Texas are protected by the constitution but liberal Republicans keep selling out our rights to the left. Red-flag laws do not work and are only used to mislead the public. Also, Texas should expand constitutional carry and allow for legal carry on college campuses.

 16. Ban Critical Race Theory

  • Critical Race Theory is a tool to indoctrinate students into victimhood. America has overcome great challenges with the help of its great citizens. It's important to educate Texas students about history and context.  The classroom is no place to preach a political ideology. 

 17. Improve Mental Healthcare for Texas Military Veterans and First Responders

  • Texas owes it to the current and former men and women in blue, green, and red to provide top-notch mental healthcare to them and their families. We must strengthen laws to protect first responders who may be afraid to speak up about their need for mental healthcare.

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