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Taylor Mondick

City Policy Platform


  1. Prioritize maintenance and repair of existing infrastructure over new projects.

  2. Reduce regulatory barriers that hinder private infrastructure investment.

  3. Emphasize public-private partnerships to increase efficiency and reduce costs.



Fort Worth First

  1. Provide training and education programs to help local residents develop the skills needed for in-demand jobs.

  2. Prioritize creating good-paying jobs that offer opportunities for local residents to gain the skills necessary to perform highly specialized work.

  3. Incentivize businesses to invest in training and development programs for their employees to help them advance in their careers.

  4. Support the growth of industries and businesses that offer opportunities for upward mobility and career advancement for local residents.

  5. Foster partnerships between businesses and educational institutions to promote workforce development and connect students with local job opportunities.


  1. Encourage development that balances economic growth.

  2. Streamline the permitting and regulatory processes to make it easier for businesses to operate.

  3. Promote mixed-use development to create walkable, livable communities.


Crime, Safety & Mental Health

  1. Support local decision-making on issues that directly affect the community.

  2. Advocate for greater flexibility in state and federal regulations to allow for more tailored solutions.

  3. Collaborate with other local governments and stakeholders to address regional challenges.


Local Control

  1. Reduce the number of victimless crimes and non-violent offenses to reduce the burden on law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

  2. Support increased funding for mental health services provided by private and non-profit organizations.

  3. Encourage community-based solutions to public safety issues rather than relying solely on law enforcement.

  4. Invest in technology and training to enhance public safety and emergency response capabilities.


  1. Reduce property taxes and other burdensome taxes to alleviate the financial strain on residents and businesses.

  2. Advocate for a fair and simple tax system that promotes economic growth and job creation.

  3. Encourage responsible fiscal policies that prioritize the efficient use of taxpayer dollars.


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